Kosal Lecture & Booksigning - Nanotechnology for Defense

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Margaret Kosal, Assistant Professor, Sam Nunn School of International Affairs will give a lecture and have a book signing of her new book: "Nanotechnology for Chemical and Biological Defense" at the GT Barnes & Noble Bookstore.

The pursuit of the minutely small --nanotechnology-- is thriving in academia, in the private sector, and in global state science and technology programs. In her new book, Nanotechnology for Chemical and Biological Defense (Springer 2009), Margaret E. Kosal (Assistant Professor, Sam Nunn of International Affairs) focuses on the security implications of nanotechnology and emerging science.

Kosal aims to better enable an informed national debate and to affect international dialogue on the role and impact of nanotechnology and emerging science on national defense and homeland security. She combines original research with the findings of an interdisciplinary, defense-oriented workshop she chaired to explore current realities and the potential for transformational breakthroughs in nanotechnology-based chemical and biological defense countermeasures and to also identify research directions in basic and applied science. Security implications, both for traditional nonproliferation regimes and for misuse by non-state actors, are also considered.

Throughout, the emphasis is on revolutionary rather than evolutionary science and technology. This work intentionally straddles between technical disciplines and social sciences making it truly interdisciplinary. Ideas and work from across the experimental and theoretical physical and life sciences and engineering are included and integrated with insights from the social sciences.

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