Jason Barringer

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  • Job Title: Research Scientist II, Center for Geographic Information Systems
    Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development, School of City and Regional Planning

Mr. Jason Barringer, AICP, Research Scientist II, has worked to bring the Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development to the forefront in the fields of megaregional planning and health and the built environment, as well as working in other planning related fields. His work along with Dr. Ross has helped to forward the theoretical basis of megaregional planning incorporating the concepts of spatial planning, new economic geography, sustainability, and equity planning. Barringer has presented on megaregion planning at national conferences and was a co-PI on a national project exploring the implications of megaregion planning on transportation infrastructure. He co-authored a chapter in the recently published book, Megaregions: Planning for Global Competitiveness. Barringer has also disseminated the latest concepts in planning research, such as transportation and demographic modeling, and spatial planning to Georgia’s public sector through research projects conducted for governmental entities. Barringer has also been involved in CQGRD’s work on health impact assessments, measuring the built environment’s effects on human health. Barringer has recently completed work measuring public perception of proposed congestion pricing programs in the Metropolitan Atlanta area. Lastly, Mr. Barringer has been a co-instructor along with Dr. Ross for the past four years in the masters’ level Sustainable Urban Development course in the SCARP.

Educational Background

2005 - M.C.R.P. (City and Regional Planning), Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
1992 - B.S. (Marketing), University of Alabama, Atlanta, GA


  • Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Land Use and Regional Development
  • Air Quality and Natural Environment
  • Megaregions

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College of Design, School of City & Regional Planning

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