Damien Valero

Contact Information
  • Address
    247 4th Street
    Atlanta,  GA  30332-0155
  • Phone Number: (404) 894-4885
  • Primary Email: d.valero@hotmail.fr
  • Job Title: Lecturer
    School of Architecture

Damien Valero is Instructor at the Georgia Institute of Technology Paris Program. He teaches Visual Art courses, including type faces studies etching and printing techniques and involving the students in the creation or the Paris newsletter.

Damien Valero works for several projects as an independent artist, in different part of the world. His work belongs to the National Collection of France and is shown in different galleries and art centers in Europe and abroad.

Since 2003, Damien Valero has experimented with the digital image. First taking digital photos of details of the body and then adding a touch of blurredness to the sharp version of these figurations. He prints on various surfaces: Plexiglas, steel or wood. This figuration is taken in hot wax on which he affixes other materials, engraving varnishes or resin.

He is currently preparing an exhibition at the contemporary art center in Lorient where his work will be shown from October 12 to January 2008.

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College of Design, School of Architecture

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