CS Distinguished Lecture: Dr. J. (Ram) Ramanujam

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J. (Ram) Ramanujam
Ritter Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

"Towards the Development of High-Performance Scientific Software"


Significant advances in many areas of science and engineering have been facilitated by the phenomenal power of massively parallel computers. However, the effort required to develop high-performance applications using currently available parallel programming models is extremely high, and is often a limiting factor in the rate of scientific process. These challenges are compounded by a deepening memory hierarchy, architectural heterogeneity (e.g., multicore CPUs and GPUs), and energy consumption. Therefore, there is great interest in developing frameworks and compilation technologies that ease the burden of development of high-performance scientific software. This talk will discuss some approaches being pursued towards this goal, the challenges, and potential future directions.


J. (Ram) Ramanujam is the Ritter distinguished Professor of Electrical  and Computer Engineering at Louisiana State University. His research centers around programming models, compilers and runtime systems for parallel computing with special emphasis on high-performance scientific computing, embedded systems, and energy-aware computing.


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