Intern with Labora in Santiago

Primary tabs is a startup that is obsessed with fixing the broken recruitement industry and especially disrupting the $260 billion dollar low-skilled staffing niche. We want to help people in industries such as restaurant, retail, call centers, and other high employee turnover industries to find jobs quicker, as well as help these businesses improve their search and selection process.

In this role of Lead Gen and Marketing Intern you will be responsible for the growth of users on our platform! You have the responsibility to grow the number of users every week using different marketing and sales strategies. We want you to be creative and feel the freedom to strategize the best way to get the best outcomes. Whether you believe the best low-cost but efficient solution is inbound marketing, phone calls, emails, events… or if you know a really good channel or technology to attract users.. We’re all ears.  As long as you have a good reason for your chosen strategy we want you to feel like you have the autonomy to execute your actions.

For this job you need to be a person who thinks strategically, knows how to connect with people, who understands digital marketing, and who is not afraid to talk to people via email, social media, in person, at events, etc. The person must have good business acumen and have a hustler/machine type personality in which they don’t let anything stand in their way and just get things done. We want someone with high positive energy, with very good written and oral communication, and who can relate to people. It is also ESSENTIAL for this person to have a DECENT knowledge of the Spanish language. (We will have a short interview in Spanish, as well as in English to ensure the level is what we require.) While we don’t expect you to be fluent, we do expect you to have at least decent conversational Spanish and not be afraid to talk to people in Spanish..even if you make mistakes!

Work will include:
-Campaigns at universities (including events, handing out flyers, setting up ambassador programs)
- Identify and analyze the best social media groups, interact with them and grow engagement
- Think of and execute marketing strategies that are effective in attracting new users
- Community manager (manage social media, respond to inquiries… just be everywhere. Yes, you’re THAT person.)
- Help create content for sharing in emails, FB groups, marketing material.
- Analyze campaign results using Excel and understand CPI/CTR and look for the best communication channels (which are more effective at a lower cost?) (People with good knowledge of statistics)
- Constantly interact with users to better understand their behaviors and needs to use that feedback into improvements in our platform
Salary:  $1000/month

JOB ID: 111111
Deadline: July 29


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