Hack Week 2010 at Georgia Tech

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It’s that time of the year again! Yahoo! and the Georgia Tech Association of Computing Machinery are once again bringing you Hack Week – a week of great presentations, competition, and good clean geek fun. This year’s Hack Week will take place from March 9 – 13th. Yahoo!’s official HackU page, which has details about the program, info from past events, and other cool hack stuff  is http://developer.yahoo.com/hacku.

Thursday, March 3

Pre-Hack U Event: Intro to Hack

The prequel to Hack Week! Specifically targeted at first time hackers, people who can’t make the kickoff event, and anyone searching for team members. Come hear what Hack Week is all about, meet fellow hack wizards, and hear from some of our past entrants – and winners! Come enjoy the food, listen a bit, and then hang out with other Hack Stars.

Location: Klaus 1116
Time: 6:00pm
Food: Dinner (Calzones!)

Tuesday, March 9

Hack U Kickoff

The official start of the week! Come hear what Hack Week is all about, see just how easy it is for you to make an entry that could win you amazing prices, and get your first taste of the great hack culture that will be here all week!

Location: Klaus Atrium
Time: 6:15pm
Food: Dinner (Moe’s)
Giveaways: Hack U t-shirts, Y! swag & Raffle prize

Wednesday, March 10

Event: Open Tech Lunch

Come hear about some cool APIs, technologies, frameworks, etc – all centered around open development culture!

Location: TBA
Time: 11:30- 1PM
Food: Yes – lunch (BBQ)

Event: Office Hours + Informal Talks

Location: CoC Commons
Time: 1:30PM – 4PM
1:30- 2:30: How to Hosting / Joyent + PHP
2:30 – 3:30 : How to Javascript / YUI
3:30 – 4 : How to Webservice / YQL
Food: Lunch: Firehouse Subs

Event: Guest Lecture: Douglas Crockford: Javascript the Good Parts

Location: Klaus 1116
Time: 6:15pm
Food: Dinner: Chick-Fil-A

Thursday, March 11

Event: Panel on Mobile Development

Location: Van Leer Auditorium (W200)
Time: 11AM-12 talk, 12-12:45PM lunch
Food: Lunch: Junior’s Chicken

Event: Office Hours + Informal Talks

Location: CoC Commons
Time: 1PM – 4PM
1- 2: How to Hosting / Joyent + PHP
2- 3: How to Javascript / YUI
3- 4 : How to Webservice / YQL
Food: Lunch – Pizza

Event: YUI / UED / Design

Location: Klaus 1116
Time: 6:15pm
Food: Dinner – Italian/Pasta
Giveaways: YDN T-shirts, stickers, swag

Friday, March 12

Event: Official 24 hour hacking kickoff

Location: CoC 102 (room with tables) from 1PM on; add CoC 101 (social room) from 4PM on.
Time: 1PM Friday – 1PM Saturday
3 pm : How to Hosting / Joyent + PHP
5 pm : How to Javascript / YUI3
7 pm : How to Webservice / YQL
9 pm : How to Auth / OAuth
11 pm : How to App Platform / Open Social + YAP
1 am : How to Demo (and you show your stuff)
3 am : How to Juggle
5 am : How to Glow-In-The-Dark Frolf
6 am : How to Calesthetic
8 am – 12 pm : How to finish your hack (No talks)
Ongoing: Wii Rock Band, games, snacks, hacking
Food: Lunch, Dinner, Snacks (throughout), Breakfast, Lunch; including Pizza (Mellow Mushroom?), Quizno’s, Wingnuts…Sublime doughnuts, Einstein’s bagels
Giveaways: Hack U final T-shirts, Y! swag; Ongoing talks, Food, Music, Games, raffle prizes and Hacking throughout the day/night in central base camp area

Saturday, March 13

Event: Hack Demos, Judging and Awards

Location: CoC 17
Time: 1PM
Food: Lunch – Moe’s
Food 1PM-1:30
Presentations 1:30-4
Food: Lunch
Hack for Good
Metro (Front page Apps)
Best Mobile
User Experience & Design
Hardware Hack
Best Overall (1st, 2nd & 3rd)
Giveaways: Prizes


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