Video Games Keep Getting Tougher and That's OK

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Video Games Keep Getting Tougher and That’s Ok quotes School of Literature, Media, and Communication professor, Ian Bogost, Ph.D.

From the Motherboard article:

Dark Souls has become one of this decade’s most popular titles. The latest game, Dark Souls III, is the fastest selling game in developer Bandai Namco’s history. What’s most interesting about this is that the Dark Souls franchise is known for some of the toughest games out on modern consoles, throwing you into a world of unrelenting boss fights and unflinching difficulty. In other words, the game not only doesn’t hold your hand, it takes that hand and pushes you into a world you don’t know and expects you to succeed, quick.

“If you go back centuries (or even millennia), you get folk games like Go and Chess, which are both difficult to learn and very hard to play well, requiring substantial investments of time” [Bogost] told Motherboard.

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