Food is Back for Classroom-Held Events

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Beginning June 1, food items will be allowed in classroom spaces reserved for events. Events consist of meetings, non-academic lectures, and some special ceremonies reserved through Capital Planning and Space Management by chartered student organizations, departments, or schools.

“The Institute had to reevaluate its rules on allowing food in classroom space,” said Sharon Myers, campus space coordinator for Capital Planning and Space Management. “In the past, there have been complaints about groups leaving trash and other food items in the classroom. This past spring, we made efforts to help keep the rooms clean, and the results have been very positive.”

The Student Government Association and the Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement helped educate student groups on the importance of cleaning up after their events. Plus, additional cleaning supplies were provided to assist in keeping the classrooms clean. These combined efforts have been very successful, and the feedback from the campus community overwhelmingly supports permitting food in classroom spaces.

Myers reinforced the point that centrally scheduled lecture halls and classrooms are — first and foremost — intended as instructional spaces for Georgia Tech student learning. In order to use these classroom spaces for events, groups are required to reserve the space through Capital Planning and Space Management at

In addition, all groups must follow these guidelines when conducting an event with food in classroom space.

  • When initially reserving the space, the requestor must check the box indicating the intent to have food. (Food is still prohibited in computer labs, and fully catered meals that require heating equipment are prohibited in classroom spaces.)
  • When choosing to have food at an event, the requesting chartered student organization, department, or school is responsible for the cleanup of the classroom space by the end time stated on the approved reservation.
  • All trash must be bagged and removed from the building.
  • All tables and desk surfaces must be wiped with cleaning products. (For chartered student organizations, these products are stored by the Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement.)
  • The classroom furniture must be reset to its “as is” format.

Departments, schools, and chartered student organizations that do not comply with the above guidelines may lose their ability to reserve space in the future. Visit the Classroom Use webpage for additional information.


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