PhD Proposal by Hao Xie

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    • Thursday May 19, 2016 - Friday May 20, 2016
      9:00 am - 10:59 am
  • Location: location at GT: BME bldg 1103
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Summary Sentence: Development of new fluorescence microscopy systems

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Hao Xie
PhD proposal presentation

Beijing clock: 9:00 pm May 19th, 2016
location at Beijing: New COE 1st building, meeting room 210

Atlanta clock: 9:00 am May 19th, 2016
location at GT: BME bldg 1103

Peng Xi, PhD (Peking University, BME)

co advisor: 
Philip J Santangelo, PhD (Georgia Institute of Technology, BME)

Changhui Li, PhD (PKU, BME)
Tianyu Xie, PhD (PKU, BME)
Juntao Gao, PhD (THU, National Laboratory for Information Science and Technology)

Fluorescence microscopy plays an important role in biological researches. Conventional fluorescence microscopy has several limitations: First, resolution of microscope is restricted by the diffraction limit. Second, out of focus light contributes significant background. Third, photobleach deteriorates image quality. Finally, sequential 2D imaging along z axis increases the acquisition time. Recent developed methods like confocal microscopy, light sheet microscopy, light field microscopy, stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (STORM) are used to overcome some of those problems. The goal of our project is to develop high resolution microscopy systems with faster speed and multi modalities. First we developed Schiliren confocal microscopy, a method which implements phase contrast module to a confocal microscope. A photomultiplier tube (PMT) is used to collect the image instead of charge-coupled device (CCD), so the phase image could be obtained together with the confocal images.  Further, we will apply volumetric imaging techniques to those existing microscopy techniques to improve their imaging speed. We will show these techniques provides additional information in cell and tissue researches.


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