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Jeffrey Collins is a Registered Architect. He earned his Bachelor of Science and Master of Architecture degrees from The Ohio State University and is currently a PhD student in Architecture with concentration in Design Computation at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His research in the Digital Building Laboratory explores various evolving computing tools and their effect on building designs, processes, and construction.

Informed by years of working on sophisticated architectural details and physical mock-ups, Jeff is fascinated by building skins, assembly processes, details, patterns, and forms. His practice and research uses computation to derive possibilities through iteration, simulation of building performance, comparative analyses, and digital design and fabrication. He believes that engaging, studying, and taking inspiration from both the natural world as well as time-tested manufacturing processes present opportunities to develop new concepts and solutions for a more sustainable built environment.

In addition to professional practice and research, Jeff has taught various architecture courses at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Kennesaw State University, Southern Polytechnic State University, and Auburn University.  

Research Areas:
Design Computation
Building Information Modeling
Parametric Modeling
Digital Fabrication
Computer Aided Design
Building Skins


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College of Design, School of Architecture

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