GVU Center Brown Bag Seminar Series - Mark Braunstein

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Mark Braunstein
Georgia Institute of Technology


Healthcare in the Age of Interoperability


With Electronic Health Records (EHR) adoption now exceeding 75% of US hospitals and providers, attention has turned to the inability of these systems to share data for care coordination, patient engagement, research and other critical priorities.  This lack of interoperability also often locks data away even from the clinicians who created it and their patients.  Clinicians also often complain about usability and workflow/process issues with their EHRs.

Many feel the solution to all of these challenges will only come through API-based health data sharing like that commonly used in other industries.  This is now a topic of serious discussion in Congress and even at the White House.

This talk will explore these challenges and the latest standards for API-based health data sharing. It will also showcase the latest in open standards-based health apps for providers and patients, including cutting edge work being done here at Georgia Tech.


Mark Braunstein teaches health informatics as a graduate seminar in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech and as an elective in the Online Masters of Science in Computer Science (OMSCS) program. His latest book, Practitioners Guide to Health Informatics, a guide to health informatics for physicians and other non-technical readers, was published in the spring of 2015. His text, Contemporary Health Informatics, was published in the spring of 2014. Health Informatics in the Cloud, a brief guide to health informatics for non-technical readers, was published in 2012. As Associate Director for Health Systems at the Institute for People and Technology he fosters interdisciplinary research and teaching directed at re-engineering the healthcare delivery system. At the Tennenbaum Institute he is involved in research in healthcare process mining.  At the Interoperability & Integration Innovation Lab (I3L), he is involved in community and industry outreach projects with lab partners aimed at more facile adoption of HIT to improve the quality and efficiency of care delivery.


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