Eleventh Annual*3PL Study released

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2006*3rd Party Logistics (3PL) Study released

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From 1996 to present, the 3PL study has helped to identify and track key trends and views of the 3PL industry from the perspective of customers who use 3PL services. The 2006 study is produced by C. John Langley Jr., Ph.D., of the Georgia Institute of Technology, with industry experts from Capgemini, DHL, and SAP. It is an extensive study about using 3PL services in North America, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America to examine critical trends and issues among key markets and key customers in the 3PL industry.

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On an annual basis, Dr. C. John Langley Jr. of Georgia Tech conducts an industry-leading study on the use of third party logistics services in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. Working with and sponsored by industry experts at Capgemini LLC, DHL, and SAP, this research examines critical trends among key markets and key customers in the 3PL industry. The study is recognized as one of the most valuable, continuing sources of up-to-date information on this major logistics industry sector.

The final report of the 2006 Eleventh Annual 3PL Study is available for download at http://www.scl.gatech.edu/research/studies/2006.3PL.Report.pdf. Copies of earlier studies plus additional study information is available at http://3plstudy.com/.

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