Student Spotlight: Meet Chris Healey

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Christopher Healey, a third-year PhD student in Stochastics at ISyE, is an accomplished long-distance runner and simulation teaching assistant. Healey finished at an incredible 37th place out of more than 20,600 participants in the 2007 Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C. Healey, who compares running a marathon to taking a final, completed 26.2 miles in 2 hours, 37 minutes, 50 seconds. Along with his identical twin brother, he began running as a way to train for his high school soccer team. This Wayne, NJ native and Atlanta Track Club member holds a B.S. in Mathematics from the College of William & Mary.

Favorite ISyE course: Simulation. It's the area that I've done some research for the last couple of years. I've been fortunate to find good people, good classes, and interesting topics in this subject. I have also TA'ed for the undergrads in their simulation class.

Favorite professors: My advisers, Doctors Andradottir, Goldsman, and Kim (just alphabetical, no ordering here), would be at the top of my list. They have been great to work with and willing to guide me through my time here.

Prospective career goals: I'm going to do an internship this summer and see how I like the industry side of research. I also hope that I'll get to fit in some teaching here before I leave.

Research interests: Simulation concentrating on two specific topics: Ranking and Selection and Output Data Analysis.

Non-academic interests: Runnin' Wreck (the GT running club), Atlanta Track Club, ISyE intramurals * soccer and softball. Between school and running, I don't have much time for hobbies (except for going to Tech football games). I enjoy music and played a few instruments in high school. Otherwise, I enjoy reading history and fiction.

You ran in the 2007 Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C. How was that?
I went to undergraduate school in Virginia [so] I know a few people living in D.C. The trip was a combination to see some friends and race a big marathon with my brother. It was my first time in a really large marathon so the starting line was eye-opening. The race played out exactly as I had, deep down, hoped it would go. To get a nice placing was just something extra that was unexpected.

Why do you run?
I enjoy the structure of planning out [my] day around a daily run. It also gives me a way to de-stress after a heavy day at the office. If you want to take a leap, it's similar to tests and finals. Running here at Tech lets me meet new people, socialize while training, and give myself a breather from the otherwise intense academic environment here. Of course, there are health benefits, too.

What other marathons and races have you placed in?
At the Boston Marathon [on April 21, 2008], I ran 2:43 on a more difficult course [than the Marine Corps Marathon] and finished 240th out of (roughly) 25,000. I ran Peachtree [Road Race] last summer and finished 63rd. My past marathons were a little less prestigious; I've run one in Richmond and two in Virginia Beach, with a best showing of 12th.

I've heard that you were sponsored by Reebok for your marathons, is this true?
[The marathon] I ran for the Atlanta Track Club (ATC) Competitive Team*is sponsored by Reebok. So, in return for running in ATC and Reebok gear, the ATC will help me out with entry fees and some travel costs. It's not like I have a contract with Reebok, more like I run for the ATC and they have a contract with Reebok. Actually, that sort does make me half sponsored by Reebok.

Family: My parents live in Wayne, NJ. I have a twin brother, Jonathan, who also runs. He lives outside Boston and works as a systems engineer.

Last book you read: Founding Brothers by Joseph Ellis.

What's in your iPod? AC/DC, Ben Folds, Cartel, Bon Jovi, a lot of different things

Favorite spot on campus: Sitting out on the stairs by the Campanile

Junior's or The Varsity? I have to go with Junior's, because I've never been to the Varsity.

Is there any one person who has been an inspiration to you or someone that you consider your hero? I don't have anyone that matches a hero status. My parents have always been good role models and helped me chase my dreams.

Best piece of advice you ever received: I've never been one for living by a certain piece of advice. My family has imparted wisdom to me one little piece at a time.


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