Student Spotlight: Eden Smith Recently Named Ms. Georgia Tech*2008

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Eden Smith, fourth year industrial engineering student, was named Ms. Georgia Tech at the Homecoming game on October 25, 2008. Along with her counterpart, Mr. Georgia Tech (Kevin Wedmaier), the reigning duo serve as pillars of the community, hosting a myriad of events and "being on call* to serve Georgia Tech.

The recent crowning was a result of an interview process and then a popular vote with Georgia Tech students. What set Eden Smith apart from all the other student nominees? It could be that after four years of being an industrial engineering student, she still has the HOPE Scholarship (not necessarily an easy feat). She is also involved in many campus organizations, including serving as vice president of Panhellenic Recruitment and competing on the Equestrian team. Eden also participated in the INNOVATE Conference, which took her to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and Singapore, as part of a coalition to demonstrate countries at different points in their economic, political, and engineering development. Once she graduates, she hopes to work abroad in preparation to be an international consultant.

The following is an interview with Eden Smith:

What motivated you to come to Georgia Tech? A love of math and science. You can't beat the HOPE scholarship and Georgia Tech's reputation.

Why Industrial and Systems Engineering? IE is all about being efficient and making things cheaper. That describes a lot of my skills and what I want to do.

Who has been your favorite professor here at Tech? Professor Steven Hackman

What has been the most valuable class/experience from IE? Financial Engineering- it is definitely the most relatable class I've taken so far. It is also tough work, but it seems like stuff that I can actually use.

What classes are you taking this semester? LCC 3401, IE 4803 (Financial Engineering), IE 3103 (Logistics), ECE 2030, and MGT 4070

How do you juggle the busy lifestyle and still maintain grades? Good time management! I like being busy. It helps me be more productive knowing I don't have any time to waste.

Favorite book? Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder

What song is queued up on your Ipod right now? Some random Techno song....I listen to a bunch of weird and random stuff.

Weirdest study habit? I sometimes like to get up at 5 AM and start studying to get done earlier.

Best piece of advice to your fellow IE undergrads? If you're truly not happy with what you're doing in school- find something that does make you happy because there is nothing stopping you.


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