Creating Roadmap For F35 Global Delivery

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Georgia Tech's Tennenbaum Institute is conducting a four month study with Lockheed Martin Aerospace to develop an R&D roadmap for the Joint Strike Fighter Global Delivery System. The JSF program involves hundreds of suppliers in nine countries, and between now and 2014 must ramp from producing one F35 every six weeks to producing one every day.

Dr. Bill Kessler, President of Palisades Enterprises and Professor and Director of Executive Programs for the Tennenbaum Institute at Georgia Tech, and Dr. Leon McGinnis, Eugene C. Gwaltney Chair in Manufacturing Systems, Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering, are leading a multidisciplinary team of experts from Georgia Tech, Georgia State University and INSEAD, who will address a broad range of issues, from trade and security policy to system modeling to collaboration. The resulting roadmap will guide LMAero's R&D investments in supporting the F35 global delivery system.




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