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In the midst of completing her senior design project, a camera crew from Career TV came to Georgia Tech and followed Ana Ortiz around for the day, chronicling her demanding life as an industrial engineering student. Here Ana talks about her experiences at Georgia Tech.

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Ana Ortiz, a fourth year undergraduate student in the Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE), recently completed her senior design project working alongside five other ISyE students. The team worked on a project with Office Depot looking at ways to improve its customer service center. The project focused on expanding the capacity of Office Depot's internet servicing hub and distribution centers.

In the midst of completing her senior design project, a camera crew from Career TV came to Georgia Tech and followed Ana Ortiz around for the day, chronicling her demanding life as an industrial engineering student. This segment is scheduled to be broadcast in February 2009.

At semesters end, Amanda Ondras, a fellow ISyE undergraduate, conducted the following interview with Ana:

What was the most challenging aspect of Senior Design?

It was easy for us to get a problem and build a simulation. But defining the root of the problem was really a big challenge as well as finding a good way to summarize the vast amount of analyses for our final presentation. We struggled with how you make the client and the faculty happy at the same time.

What was the most valuable experience from Senior Design?

It's the best thing that I've done at Tech so far. I haven't worked in such a high pressure environment. In hindsight it will teach me a lot about time management. Mainly, I learned how to present data and how to present it in the right manner. We presented the same findings to the client and faculty but had to do so in completely different ways. Bottom line, we learned how to make a sales pitch.

What advice would you give to a student about to start Senior Design?

HOLD ON TIGHT! Try to have goals that you can achieve by the end of your late night working sessions. It is easy to get distracted by some tiny little thing. Don't lose focus of the main goal of the project.

Tell me about the experience with Career TV. What was it like?

It was really interesting. It happened during the biggest crunch times for senior design. It was a really cool experience that I don't regret taking the time to do it. It was the busiest day of my life. I also had to be at the football game because I was working the President's Box, and my senior design project was due the next night. They [Career TV] showed up with super, fancy cameras and interviewed me. They followed me around all day. I talked to them about Senior Design and Tech and how hard it is.

What motivated you to come to Georgia Tech?

My mom, my dad, and my grandfather all came to Tech; and I wanted to do something completely different. But I did know that I wanted to be an Industrial Engineer. My Dad sent me online to look up the best school for Industrial Engineering. I thought it was going to be MIT. But it was Georgia Tech's IE program. And that was it. They got me!

Why Industrial and Systems Engineering?

In high school it's tough to know that you want to do industrial engineering. I wanted something that would give me more of a technical, solid background. More so than a liberal art program. For me industrial engineering doesn't tie you into one industry or one thing that you're going to do for the rest of your life. It gives you the analytics for a variety of industries.

What are your plans after your May graduation?

I am really eager to get out of academia, and work for awhile to make some money. I want to do consulting, which I think is a big trend right now with IE's. I'd like to gear myself more towards the business side and management stuff. I want to see different problems across different industries.

Favorite book?

Harry Potter!

What song is queued up on your Ipod right now?

El Muella de Seu Blas by Man*

Weirdest study habit?

I can't study without my roommate [Vivian Soler]. We're both IE's. Even if we're not taking the same classes, if I'm writing up a report I'll ask her "Do you want to come to Starbucks with me?* And she'll study something else. But if I am by myself I'll fall asleep, or I'll be on Facebook.

[end of interview]

Ana continues to juggle other classes, challenging herself academically. She is also serving as a Georgia Tech Ambassador, a member of the Hispanic Recruitment Team, and working as an intern with the Bank of America. In addition, Ana is also involved in campus organizations, serving as the president of the Spanish Speaking Organization, a member of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, and a tutor at North Atlanta High School through the Hispanic Scholarship Fund.

Highlights of her academic career include maintenance of at least a 3.0 GPA throughout her tenure at Georgia Tech, recipient of the Jack C. Webb Scholarship, recipient of the Silver Level Tower Award, and HENAAC-Northrop Grumman Scholar of the Week. These awards were a result of the skill set Ana has acquired while at the Stewart School of Industrial Engineering, which includes: scholarship, leadership, extracurricular and community activities.

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