Condo Homeowners Association in Buckhead

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Job Posting for Grad Students

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Job Posting for Grad Students

Condo Homeowners Association in Buckhead is seeking the following: 

We are attempting to find an outside resource to serve as our Architectural Committee.  We have reached the conclusion that the role needs to be undertaken by someone from outside the neighborhood.  We would like to employ a Graduate Architecture Student for this task.  We can agree on an appropriate fee.  If interested, please contact Joe Lupton at


The responsibilities would be:


  1. Inspect each exterior driveway/parking pad for cracks/decline in the concrete and present a list prioritizing order in which they need to be addressed. Driveway/pad damage could be caused by wear and tear and/or tree roots.
  2. Annually walk property to identify any maintenance needs that need to be addressed in common areas and on exterior of each of 26 townhouse, e.g. Garage doors in need of repair / replacement.
  3. Generate report listing the needs so that Board of Directors can address common areas and send letter to homeowners requesting repairs be made.
  4. Note: he/she can also assist with design specs for the garages.
  5. 5.   The consultant likely will be asked to render a design proposal for an enclosure of the mailbox area.

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