PhD Proposal by Junyu Yang

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New 1st COE Building,Room 208 (PKU campus at Beijing) 

Emory HSRB E459 (GT campus at Atlanta)



Jeff Jianzhong Xi,      PhD,        Department of Biomedical Engineering,   Peking University

Michael E. Davis,   PhD,     Department of Biomedical Engineering,   Georgia Institute of Technology & Emory University 


Committee Members:

Huaiqiu Zhu,    PhD,    Department of Biomedical Engineering,    Peking University

Haifeng Chen,   PhD,         Department of Biomedical Engineering,   Peking University

Yangming Wang,   PhD,        Institute of Molecular Medicine,    Peking University


Title: Nox2-NAPDH oxidase associated miRNAs screening and delivery with nanoparticles for cardiac function recovery after myocardial infarction


Abstract: NAPDH oxidase with Nox2 is a major source for cardiac reactive oxygen species (ROS) production, which plays a key role in the pathogenesis of cardiac remodeling leading to heart failure. The expression of NOX2 is significantly increased after myocardial infarction (MI), especially in macrophages and myocytes. Evidences show that mice lacking the NOX2 gene are well recovered after heart injury. Here we use a high-throughput screening method to identify miRNAs that negatively regulate NOX2 expression. Moreover, we demonstrate polyketal nanoparticles as delivery vehicles for miRNAs to macrophages in vitro and to post-MI heart in vivo to improving cardiac function.


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