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Title: A Software Platform for Lattice Cryptography Eric Crockett School of Computer Science College of Computing Georgia Institute of Technology Date: Thursday, January 21st, 2016Time: 9 AM to 11 AM ESTLocation: University of Michigan, BBB 2725 Committee:----------------Dr. Chris Peikert (Advisor, Computer Science and Engineering, University of Michigan) Dr. Sasha Boldreva (School of Computer Science, Georgia Tech) Dr. Craig Costello (Microsoft Research) Dr. J. Alex Halderman (Computer Science and Engineering, University of Michigan) Dr. Richard Lipton (School of Computer Science, Georgia Tech) Abstract:-------------Lattice-based cryptography offers attractive features like apparent resistance to quantum attacks; good efficiency and parallelism; and versatile cryptographic constructions like identity-based, attribute-based, and fully homomorphic encryption. Unfortunately the definitions of lattice schemes involve advanced mathematics, and many subtleties arise in their implementation. We propose a software platform that provides a safe, efficient, and general framework for lattice cryptography, and special tools to simplify homomorphic encryption. Specifically, we introduce Λ◦λ, a modular library for lattice cryptography based on the functional language Haskell that can be used to build a wide variety of lattice-based cryptographic primitives, including homomorphic encryption. We also present a "homomorphic compiler" that automatically translates the description of lattice schemes into homomorphic versions of those schemes. 


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