Shandong Partner Region Scholarship Program Available to GT Students


Dr. Jin Liu (

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Shandong Partner Region Scholarship Program available to GT students

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Shandong Partner Region Scholarship Program available to GT students

The Shandong Partner Region Scholarship Program allows students to pick a university in a city in Shandong to study at for one or two semesters. Interested students should contact Dr. Jin Liu (

- Scholarship amount: 30000 RMB Yuan (Covers education-concerning fees and basic living costs)


- Time: 1 semester or 1 academic year (2 semesters)


- University: There are 17 universities (colleges) under this program in different cities of Shandong Province. A name list of universities with websites is attached.


- The scholarship will be transferred from the government to the university , to cover the registration, tuition, laboratory costs, internship, educational materials, lodging, basic living expenses, and medical insuranceā€


- Pocket money ( personal allowance ) will be about 1000 RMB Yuan per person per month. This will be given to the student directly.


- International airfare is not included, so it will be covered by students themselves.


Partner universities in China include:

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