Professor Immergluck says light regulation sank housing

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  • Dan Immergluck Dan Immergluck
The housing crisis was widespread, deep and lingering. Up to 9 million homes were lost to foreclosure, more than 250,000 of them in metro Atlanta. The broader economy took a shellacking it has still not totally shaken off.

While the housing market struggles to find its “new normal,” debate lingers. Was the problem too little regulation? Too much? Consumer irresponsibility? Lender greed? 

Into that discussion comes Georgia Tech professor Dan Immergluck, housing expert and professor in Tech’s School of City and Regional Planning. His new book, “Preventing the Next Mortgage Crisis,” explores the bust and its aftermath.

The AJC talked with Immergluck about his views on the causes of the crisis, the best measures of recovery and the chances of a repeat. Read the full interview on the AJC webpage. 

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