Sixth Street Corridor Improvements Through March

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The 6th Street corridor near the West Campus housing annex is undergoing major improvements through mid-March 2016. Pedestrian and bicyclist mobility and safety along Sixth Street will be improved with the construction of bike lanes, an additional sidewalk and better lighting.  

  • Easier and safer travel for cyclists from residential areas to the rest of campus by creating new 6-foot bike lanes on both sides of 6th Street
  • Pedestrian safety and mobility will be improved, as there will be a new sidewalk created on the south side of 6th Street and new pedestrian lighting installed;
  • Campus standard pedestrian light poles will be added along the south side of the street
  • Enhanced streetscape along 6th Street



  • Start Date: Dec. 14th

Normal Working Hours: 7am-5pm with any noisier work restricted to after 9am so as to not interrupt student sleep. Weekend work will only be necessary in there are major rain delays  

  • Anticipated End Date: March 11, 2016


Campus Detours or Interruptions:

Vehicular access will not be impeded during construction. However, foot traffic along Sixth Street will be limited during a large portion of the construction schedule. Wayfinding signs to support the detours have been added along the north side of the CRC. Please review the construction signage associated with this notice for visual details. 


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