SCL Course: Building the Lean Supply Chain Leader

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Course Description

Transforming an organization from traditional thinking to lean thinking requires leadership. This is the third course in a 3-course series on becoming a Lean Supply Chain professional. While the previous courses focus on strategic and tactical implementation of the lean supply chain, this final course "builds" the individual into a lean leader. This transformation is critical to navigate through the waters of change management that is required to successfully execute and sustain the lean supply chain journey.

In the third course, participants will complete a deep dive into the concept of the House of Lean and explore the main aspects of lean leadership. Among other important topics, participants will learn "go see" management, "A3 thinking" and "leader-as-teacher" concepts.

Who Should Attend

Supply chain professionals, logistics professionals, material managers, production control managers, transportation managers, warehousing managers and purchasing managers.

How You Will Benefit

  • Reduce total cost of ownership.
  • Reduce inventory levels.
  • Reduce logistics costs.
  • Reduce space requirements.
  • Reduce lead time.
  • Increase fill rates.
  • Improve supplier performance and accountability.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and customer relationships.
  • Reduce overall organizational and operational waste.

What Is Covered

Day 1 - The Lean Culture
  • Building the Lean Culture
  • A3 Thinking - Developing and Presenting the A3
  • PDCA Deep Dive - Problem Solving
  • Working in Groups - Teamwork
  • Lean & Change Management
Day 2 - Lean Principles Deep Dive
  • Standard Work - Deep Dive
  • Stability - Deep Dive
  • Quality at the Source - Deep Dive
  • Flow - Deep Dive
  • Customer Focus - Deep Dive
  • Visual Management Deep Dive
Day 3 - The Lean Leader
  • Building the Lean Leader
  • Lean Leader - Standard Work
  • Personal SWOT - Lean Leader A3
  • Building and Sustaining A3 Thinking
  • Sustaining for true Continuous Improvement


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