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Georgia Tech’s College of Architecture and the Consulate General of France are coming together this fall to present a unique event based on the work of French architect Philippe Madec, one of the world’s leading figures in sustainable and eco-responsible architecture.

Introducing his work in Atlanta for the first time, Philippe Madec will discuss the future of architecture in relation to today’s current environmental challenges:

  • What role does the environment play in 21st century architecture?
  • How do unseen economic, ecological, social and cultural factors affect the search for progress and the right balance between man and the environment in contemporary societies?

Philippe Madec is an architect and an urban planner by trade, and a humanist at heart. Engaged in the fight for sustainable development very early on, his conception of urban and architectural work has revolved around environmental awareness from the beginning of his practice. Not only is his work centered on an ecologically responsible approach to architecture, it also reflects upon the social, economic and human factors involved in sustainable architecture, and upon our duty to future generations to create a “benevolent” architecture that seeks to – in his words – “welcome life in the best possible way”.


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