No One Cares That You Quit Your Job

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Ian Bogost, professor in the School of Literature, Media, and Communication, published an article in The Atlantic entitled "No One Cares That You Quit Your Job":

Making the rounds yesterday and today, yet another “why I quit academia” piece. Quitpieces, I guess we’re calling them—or I am anyway. (The term “quit lit” has also circulated, but the “lit” designator seems generous to me.) There are lots more of these, if the genre is new to you.

Guess what. Working for a living is a pain... Nobody cares that I quit finance. Or advertising, retail, technology consulting, the entertainment industry, or anywhere else I’ve worked. The trick with quitting is that you want people to throw a party for you when you do it. Quitpieces are the opposite of parties. If you're writing a quitpiece you've already lost. Everybody knows that quitters quit.

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Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts, School of Literature, Media, and Communication

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