Williams Museum to host reception for latest exhibit

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Visitors to the new exhibit “Paper Narratives” at Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking will experience a unique combination of storytelling and 3-D paper artistry.

The exhibit will open Friday, September 11 with a reception from 5 to 7 p.m. and will run through Nov. 20.

Five artists will be featured sharing anecdotes, histories, observations and yarns woven using paper as their medium. Those participating are Douglas Baulos, Denise Bookwalter, Kerri Cushman, Lauren Faulkenberry and Lee Emma Running.

Suzanne Sawyer, guest curator, said the artists use paper as a medium, not to dictate who they are as artists, but because it engages them, and, in their incredibly talented hands, the paper begins to tell its story.

"Each artist recounts ideas uniquely, yet their work is united through the use of sculptural paper to communicate narratives as well as their pursuit of knowledge, meaning, and beauty. Whether using handmade or machine-made paper, by twisting, printing, cutting, or folding the paper among other techniques, the artists manipulate their narratives into fruition," she said. "The processes of creation become part of the narrative as the mark of the artists’ hands can be seen in these marvelous works. The exhibition includes artist’s books, installation, relief sculpture, sculpture in the round, and prints."

Ms. Running, one of the featured artist, was trained as a papermaker and sculptor. She now makes drawings and site-specific installations.

"I fell in love with handmade paper for it’s humility, it’s process, and it’s chameleon nature. The same fiber with different treatment can behave like fabric or leather, silk or fiberglass. This material opened a way of thinking for me as an artist," she said. "Papermaking taught me to innovate, and to pay close attention with all of my senses. I carry these ideas into my drawings and installations now." 

For more information visit Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking online or contact Virginia Howell at 404.894.5726 or




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