ISyE Faculty Candidate Seminar: Eduardo Izquierdo

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    • Tuesday February 20, 2007 - Wednesday February 21, 2007
      10:00 am - 10:59 am
  • Location: ISyE MAIN, Executive Classroom--Rm 228
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Summary Sentence: ISyE Faculty Candidate Seminar: Eduardo Izquierdo

Full Summary: Faculty Candidate Seminar: Variation Reduction in Multistage Manufacturing Processes

Faculty Candidate Seminar: Variation Reduction in Multistage Manufacturing Processes

Eduardo Izquierdo: Faculty candidate

University of Michigan

Variation reduction is an important but challenging task in Multistage Manufacturing Processes (MMPs). As an example, dimensional variation of automobile bodies may lead to assembly, aestethic, warranty and safety problems. Therefore, variation should be minimized whenever possible. In this talk I will introduce my research on active compensation of deviation and the design of MMPs focused on variation reduction. Through my talk I will demostrate how those research areas can be integrated. The first part of the presentation will focused on the development of a methodology for active compensation of deviations in MMPs. In particular, I will present the derivation of a feedforward control algorithm for variation reduction, which incorporates process and product constraints. In the second part of my talk, I will show how the above mentioned methodology can be used in the determination of the optimal distribution of actuators, which are used to perform compensations. The third part of the presenetation will focused on robust design of multistage assembly processes. Specifically, I will present a fixture layout design methodology for multiple products which are assembled in a reconfigurable system. Simulations are used to prove that the aforementioned methodologies can effectively reduce variation in MMPs. Finally, I conclude my talk with future research directions.

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Eduardo Izquierdo, ISyE Faculty Candidate Seminar
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