ISyE Guest Lecturer: Dr. Gideon Weiss

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A push pull multi-class queueing system with infinite supply of work GUEST LECTURER Dr. Gideon Weiss AFFILIATION University of Haifa ABSTRACT Multi-class queueing networks with infinite supply of work provide a new paradigm for queueing systems under balanced heavy traffic. In particular, they allow full utilization of the servers without congestion, and the balanced heavy traffic arises naturally, and is not the result of exogenous arrivals. In this talk we focus on the following illustrative example: We consider a multi-class queueing system with two service stations and four classes, where there are two streams of customers, one stream is processed first in station 1 and then in station 2, the other stream moves in the opposite direction. This push pull system is distinguished from the network of Rybko and Stolyar in that be assume that there is an unlimited number of customers available in each of the two streams. Hence, both service stations can be busy all the time, i.e. work at utilization rho=1. We assume processing times are memory-less. We find a family of generalized threshold policies for which this system is stable, i.e. positive recurrent, with this full utilization. We derive the steady state distribution for some of these policies. Joint work with Anastasia Kopzon DATE & TIME Wednesday, May 16, 2007 -- 11:00 AM DURATION 1 hour LOCATION Room 228 Executive Classroom, Main bldg CONTACT PERSON Alex Shapiro


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