FREE Lean Warehousing webinar, Monday September 14 1:30pm EDT!

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Attend our free Lean Warehousing webinar for an introduction to using proven principles of lean management to cut waste and improve warehouse efficiencies. As a thank you for attending, you will receive a *discount code towards towards the October 20-22 course being held in Atlanta, GA (*please note that the discount cannot be combined with any other discount).


Our interactive webinar will provide an overview of our three-day Professional Education course titled “Lean Warehousing” as well as give attendees an opportunity to ask their LEAN and warehousing related questions. 

Our host will also discuss:
  • The key elements of lean thinking that should be used in the warehouse
  • How to utilize lean tools to reduce waste in the warehouse
  • How to operate a warehouse based on visual management and real time problem solving
  • How to create collaboration between warehousing and other functional areas


Brad Bossence is Vice President at LeanCor and a professional education instructor for the Georgia Tech Supply Chain & Logistics Institute. Brad is the lead instructor for the Lean Warehousing course as well as courses that are part of our Lean Supply Chain Professional certificate series.


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