PhD Proposal – Parthasarathi Chakraborti

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    • Tuesday September 1, 2015 - Wednesday September 2, 2015
      2:00 pm - 3:59 pm
  • Location: MARC 201
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Summary Sentence: Modeling, Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Printed, Nano Ta Capacitors for High-Frequency Power Applications

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MSE PhD Proposal – Parthasarathi Chakraborti


Time: September 1st, Tuesday, 2-4 PM


Location: MARC 201


Thesis Advisory Committee:

Prof. Rao Tummala (advisor) MSE

Prof. Dong Qin (MSE)

Prof. Rosario Gerhardt (MSE)

Dr. Raj Pulugurtha (ECE)


Title: “Modeling, Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Printed, Nano Ta Capacitors for High-Frequency Power Applications”



Ever increasing functional densities in ultra-miniaturized electronic and automotive systems entail multiple voltage and current levels for different functions. Multiple power convertors such as buck convertors (steps down power supply voltage to device voltage level), boost convertors (steps up power supply voltage to device voltage level), charge pumps, linear regulators, invertors (generate high frequency, high voltage acceptable by a load such as display backlighting) are used to address these needs by transforming the central battery supply voltage to the desired circuit voltage or power levels. These power convertors typically consists of switches, drivers and diodes along with a multitude of passive components such as capacitors and inductors. These passive components are still at milliscale in geometry and form-factors, a major impediment to system miniaturization. Furthermore, these passive components as surface mount devices (SMDs) are placed far away from the active components which adds to system parasitics, thus, limiting their performance. Thinfilm capacitors with miniaturization benefits, yet with superior properties are, therefore, highly sought by the industry. The major performance metrics for a capacitor are volumetric capacitance density, leakage current and operational frequency. These parameters are governed by the electrode and dielectric materials and structures, which directly controls the capacitance density, leakage current and other performance attributes such as equivalent series resistance (ESR) and reliability. The objective of his research is to model, fabricate and characterize an efficient, high performance and miniaturized printed Tantalum (Ta) capacitor with high volumetric density, leakage current and reliability, using low-cost processes.

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