Infinite Virtual Queues (IVQ)

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TITLE: Infinite Virtual Queues (IVQ) and the Control of Multi Class Queueing Networks (MCQN)

SPEAKER: Dr. Gideon Weiss


Recently I introduced the concept of infinite virtual queues, which are simply queues which never run out of work. In a standard queueing network the input source can be regarded as an infinite virtual queue. In a muti-class queueing network IVQs provide a new paradigm for networks in balanced heavy traffic: In a MCQN with IVQs we can have full utilization of servers (rho=1) and no congestion. I will describe a network which illustrates this phenomena. I will then show how we can use MCQN with IVQs for optimal control of a MCQN over a finite time horizon.

Joint work with students: Anat Kopzon, Yoni Nazarathy.


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