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In a recent study conducted by the Association of American Colleges & Universities, employers were asked to identify the top skills they look for when hiring college graduates. A staggering 96 percent of employers said they value “problem solving in diverse settings”, 83 percent said “teamwork skills in diverse settings”, and 78 percent said “intercultural skills and understanding of societies and cultures outside the US”. These sentiments are heard by employers from a range of fields, including engineering, science, computing, and business. It is not by accident, then, that one of Georgia Tech’s Strategic Goals includes “graduating good global citizens”.

Georgia Tech has long been a leader in providing opportunities for our students to experience other cultures, develop critical cross-cultural competencies, and understand the global implications of their disciplines. The Office of International Education (OIE) is the central office on campus charged with spearheading Georgia Tech’s internationalization efforts. OIE is comprised of several units, including Education Abroad, Global Internship Program, and the International Plan, that offer opportunities for your student to add an international perspective to their education. As of 2014, 48 percent of Georgia Tech undergraduate students graduated with an international experience. We encourage you and your student to explore our programs – there’s something for everyone!

Education Abroad

Study abroad provides a new perspective for students and allows them to develop new skills, independence, and the self-confidence needed to survive and succeed in the global marketplace. Georgia Tech Study Abroad Programs span every continent and every academic discipline. The Office of International Education offers two main program types: exchanges abroad and faculty-led study abroad. Exchange students typically study during their junior or senior year for a semester or academic year and can choose to study at 96 partner institutions across the world. While abroad, students take flexible coursework in their major course of study and gain independence while developing intercultural communication skills.

Faculty-led study abroad programs typically happen during the summer and offer coursework in a variety of majors. To be eligible to study abroad at Tech, students must be 18 years or older, be in good academic and disciplinary standing, and have studied at Tech for two consecutive semesters prior to going abroad.

Students enrolled in a study abroad program can use their institutional financial aid for studying abroad, and most programs offer in-state tuition for all students. In addition, there are OIE administered scholarships and some national scholarships available specifically for students who are studying abroad.

To find more information on the many study abroad options, please visit:

Global Internship Program

The Global Internship Program (GIP) facilitates short-term overseas work experiences for Georgia Tech students. Global Internships are related to a student’s major and allow students to develop professional skills in a cross-cultural setting. They are full-time and can last from 10 weeks up to one year. Students who are interested in interning abroad are encouraged to first gain domestic work experience, develop foreign language proficiency, and participate in an international experience, such as study abroad, in order to be a competitive candidate. The GIP staff are available to help students navigate the job search process, cater their resumes to an international audience, and prepare for the overseas work experience.

To learn more, visit:

International Plan

The International Plan (IP) is Georgia Tech’s degree designation program for students interested in gaining a comprehensive global perspective of their major. Students in the IP must complete 26 (or more!) weeks abroad, take three globally focused courses, become proficient in a foreign language, and incorporate an international element into their senior capstone course. Those that complete the IP requirements will have the International Plan designation on their Georgia Tech diploma and official transcript in addition to gaining a host of skills and experiences to help make them more marketable to employers and graduate school programs.

What sets the International Plan apart from the traditional study abroad experience is the comprehensive nature of the program and the focus on a particular language/region of the world. Students are not just pursuing a semester abroad, they are gaining a nuanced understanding of their field in a particular region that includes language study, global coursework, and 26+ weeks studying, researching, and/or interning abroad.

Ready to learn more? Visit for more information. Priority deadline for fall admission to the program is August 1.

Contact us:
Address: Office of International Education, 631 Cherry Street, 211 Savant Bldg., Atlanta, GA 30332-0284
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