Who Are the Victims in FIFA Corruption Scandal?

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  • Kirk S. Bowman Kirk S. Bowman

Kirk Bowman, professor in the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, gave his opinion regarding the groups who fall victim to the illegal money laundering within the FIFA organization. This Wednesday, U.S. proesecutors released a forty-seven count indictment of the illegal and unethical embezzlement practices within FIFA. 

Bowman researches the intersection of soccer and global politics commented that this indictment exposes the way in which soccer's leaders cross ethical and legal boundaries for their share of the revenue in the FIFA World Cup cycle.

"The losers are the people at the bottom of the food chain," Bowman said. "There's a tradeoff: for every $100 million paid in kickbacks is $100 million that couldn't go to further support the development of youth soccer."

Many developing countries depend on grants from FIFA to develop their soccer programs.

But it isn't just those underprivileged leagues that suffer, Bowman said. Graft may make it more expensive for people to watch games on television. An argument could even be made that the corruption damaged the United States' ability to transform its lackluster soccer system, he said

Only time will tell how the future of soccer develops after this major scandal.

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Bowman is a specialist in Latin American politics and politcal development and directs study abroad programs in Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, and Uruguay. His research interests include comparative politics, economic development, inequality, international affairs, Latin American politics, political economy, and soccer and politics.

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