X-Ray Safety Training

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X-Ray safety training is required prior to operating an x-ray machine and is comprised of a 2-hour classroom training.  Follow the instructions below to register for this training. 

Radiation Worker Registration and X-Ray Safety Training Sign-Up

1. Complete and print a Form B. Sign as the Radiation Worker, and have your Authorized User (AU) sign as the AU (this is whoever owns the x-ray machine you’ll be using).  Bring this completed Form B with you to the training.

2. Click here to access the training sign up page.

3. Enter your GT ID or name and click “Submit”.

4. If your name shows up, click “Select” next to your name.

5. If your name does not show up, click on the button for a new worker and fill in all of the fields.  Some fields have a magnifying glass to click on and select from a list.  Click “Submit” when the fields are complete.

6. Click “Select from XRay Classes” for a list of upcoming training sessions. Click “Select” next to the session you wish to attend.

7. Click the button “Click to Register for this Class”.

8. If you need to change the session you registered for, click “Un-Register” and repeat steps 6 and 7.

9. If the online training sign-up does not work for you, call 404-894-3605 to register.


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