PhD Defense by Mengchen Zhu

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    • Thursday April 16, 2015 - Friday April 17, 2015
      2:00 pm - 3:59 pm
  • Location: Room 2110, Whitaker Building (313 Ferst Drive)
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Summary Sentence: Sparse coding models of neural response in the primary visual cortex

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Mengchen Zhu
Ph.D. Thesis Defense
Thursday April 16, 2015
2:00 PM
Room 2110, Whitaker Building (313 Ferst Drive)


Dr. Christopher Rozell (Advisor)

Dr. Garrett Stanley

Dr. Robert Butera


Dr. Ilya Nemenman

Dr. Bruno Olshausen

Sparse coding models of neural response in the primary visual cortex

Sparse coding is an influential unsupervised learning approach proposed as a theoretical model of the encoding process in the primary visual cortex (V1). While sparse coding has been successful in explaining  classical receptive field properties of simple cells, it  was unclear whether it can account for more complex response properties in a variety of cell types. In this work, we demonstrate that sparse coding and its variants are consistent with key aspects of neural response in V1, including many contextual and nonlinear effects, a number of inhibitory interneuron properties, as well as the variance and correlation  distributions in the population response. The results suggest that important response properties in V1 can be interpreted as emergent effects of a neural population efficiently representing the statistical structures of natural scenes under resource constraints. Based on the models, we make predictions of the circuit structure and response properties in V1 that can be verified by future experiments.

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