PhD Thesis Defense by Chastity Aiken

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    • Monday April 6, 2015 - Tuesday April 7, 2015
      10:00 am - 11:59 am
  • Location: ES&T L1114
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Summary Sentence: Triggered earthquakes and tremor: Their characteristics and physical mechanisms

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Chastity Aiken

Advisor: Zhigang Peng

Committee Members: Andrew Newman (EAS), Chris Huber (EAS), Joe Dufek (EAS), and Constantine Dovrolis (CS)

Thesis Title:  Triggered earthquakes and tremor: Their characteristics and physical mechanisms

Date/Time/Location:  April 6th @ 10 am in ES&T L1114


Triggered earthquakes and tectonic tremors have been observed throughout the world. However, the characteristics of and physical mechanisms responsible for this phenomena remain uncertain. We can improve our knowledge of how earthquakes interact with other earthquakes as well as  tremors by further investigating the physical processes and characteristics of triggered earthquakes and tremors.  In addition. we can obtain a deeper understanding of overall fault behaviors and how earthquakes nucleate.  Hence, studying the physical processes related to triggered earthquakes and tremors improves seismic hazard assessment in regions where dynamic triggering of earthquakes and tremors occur. Previous studies have shown that regions of active volcanism and/or geothermal fields are more susceptible to dynamic triggering of earthquakes than other regions due to the circulation of fluids. but it remains to be show how geothermal regions differ in their triggerability.  In addition. despite the many observations of
dynamic triggering of tremors by local and distant earthquakes in subduction zones, a transform plate boundary. and a mountain range, the underlying physics of triggered tremors is only partially understood.  It remains to be shown if tremor patterns change immediately before an earthquake. such that the earthquake is induced by tremor activity. Research projects for this thesis topic include: ( I ) a comparison of the characteristics and physical mechanisms of triggered earthquake in geothermal fields of California, (2) the search for triggered tremor at transform (strike-slip) faults around the world, (3) a comparison of the characteristics and physical mechanisms for triggered earthquakes and triggered tremors.

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