FREE Inventory Management webinar, Wednesday, Feb 18 1:30 - 2:30 pm EST!

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Attend this free webinar and receive a *discount code towards our upcoming Inventory Planning and Management course! REGISTER at http://bit.ly/invplngwebinar.

Supply chain management and logistics encompasses all the activities involved in getting products to consumers including planning, storing, moving, and accounting for inventory. Inventory availability is the most important aspect of customer service, and the cost of inventory is one of the most important entries on a company's balance sheet. In our webinar, we will explore how to go about minimizing inventory in your supply chain by first understanding your customer’s needs.

Join Dan Gardner as he touches upon the below issues:

  • Understand the use of inventory throughout the supply chain
  • Develop inventory strategies to support business strategies
  • Analyze tradeoffs between inventory costs and customer service levels
  • Determine how to measure and improve inventory performance
  • Understand and manage variability that impacts inventory
  • Evaluate how to tradeoff transportation and inventory costs
  • Determine how to optimize inventory levels to meet service requirements
  • Understand the basics of inventory and forecasting technology

Those who will benefit from this webinar include:

  • Executives and managers responsible for supply chain and logistics
  • Supply chain management professionals
  • Inventory planners and analysts
  • Industrial engineers and systems analysts
  • Production and warehouse supervisors and team leaders

Attendees will receive a discount* to the course, “Inventory Planning and Management,” March 18-20, 2015 in Atlanta. Included in this course is a tour of the Federal Reserve Bank. (*Webinar discount cannot be combined with any other discount.) 


Dan Gardner is co-founder and president of supply chain consulting firm Trade Facilitators, Inc. Prior to founding TFI in 2007, Dan spent twenty three years in the Third Party Logistics business where he held senior level positions with firms that include Exel Global Logistics and DHL Global Forwarding. Dan is the instructor for the Georgia Tech Supply Chain & Logistics Institute course Inventory Planning and Management.


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