A Campus Safety Reminder: Start the year off right with Rave Guardian

Officer Bradley Latham - Georgia Tech Police Department

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Rave Guardian is an android/iOS application that turns mobile phones into personal safety devices.

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Rave Guardian is an android/iOS application that turns mobile phones into personal safety devices.  The best thing about Rave Guardian is the fact that it is FREE to students, faculty, and staff and takes less than five minutes to set up.  You can download the application on your device using the Google Play store or the iTunes store.

The timer feature allows users to set a realistic time to reach their destination.  When they arrive safely, they deactivate your timer using the application.  If they forget to deactivate the timer or something happens and you cannot deactivate your timer, their profile will be sent to GTPD dispatch.  GTPD dispatch will try to contact them while their phone’s GPS starts tracking. If dispatchers get no answer, GTPD officers will be in route to the user's location.

The panic feature does everything the timer feature does, but all users need to do is push the red “Call Georgia Tech Police” button. 

Users can also send anonymous text messages and pictures to GTPD by using the yellow “Send a tip” option if they do not feel comfortable calling GTPD.  Our dispatchers will then reach out to the sender via SMS messaging to try to get more detailed information about the incident.

We want all students, faculty, and staff to set a New Year’s resolution that is extremely easy to complete and sign up for Rave Guardian to make sure they keep themselves safer in the new year.

For more information please visit www.guardian.gatech.edu.

Always remember, if you see something, say something!

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