Ph.D. Thesis Proposal by Jacob Alperin-Sheriff

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Title: Towards Practical Fully Homomorphic Cryptography

Jacob Alperin-Sheriff
School of Computer Science
College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology

Date: Wednesday, December 10th, 2014
Time: 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: KACB 3100 


Dr. Chris Peikert, School of Computer Science, Georgia Tech (Advisor)
Dr. Alexandra Boldyreva, School of Computer Science, Georgia Tech
Dr. Richard Lipton, School of Computer Science, Georgia Tech
Dr. Zvika Brakerski, Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Weizmann Institute of Science
Dr. Matt Baker, Department of Mathematics, Georgia Tech(pending)


Fully homomorphic encryption allows for computation of arbitrary functions on encrypted
data by a third party, while keeping the contents of the encrypted data secure. This area of
research has exploded in recent years following Gentry’s seminal work. However, the early
realizations of fully homomorphic encryption, while very interesting from a theoretical and
proof-of-concept perspective, are unfortunately far too inefficient to provide any use in practice.

Our past work, which has primarily focused on efficient bootstrapping of fully homomorphic
encryption schemes, lies at the heart of the fastest currently existing implementations of fully
homomorphic encryption. In this proposal, we discuss this past work, and consider possibilities
for future work to improve and extend these results.


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