Allen Prize Symposium: Human Rights and the Rule of Law

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The Allen Prize Symposium honors Beatrice Mtetwa for her decades of work as a defender of human rights in Zimbabwe. This recognition of her work touches not only Zimbabwe, affirms our own witness to a vision of global community grounded in human dignity and social justice. Th 2014 Allen Prize Symposium serves as symbol of how the legacy of Mayor Ivan Allen Jr., born in Atlanta, continues to embrace civil and human rights for the nation and the world.

The symposium brings together individuals whose work reinforces the life and work of Beatrice Mtetwa. Each stands as a witness to their own personal commitment to justice as well as the work of The Carter Center, The National Center for Civil and Human Rights, the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, and Amnesty International, USA. Through their reflections on Beatrice Mtetwa and the challenges confronted in the struggle of human rights, panelists will explore our mutual endeavors to build communities of trust that are affirmed by the rule of law.  These individuals will draw upon both personal and professional experience in confronting a shared commitment to the rule of law.


Charlayne Hunter-Gault (Moderator)
Journalist and Author

Sarah E. Hager
Amnesty International USA, Washington D.C.

Deborah J. Richardson
National Center for Civil and Human Rights

Jeffrey Smith
Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights

John Stremlau
The Carter Center

Beatrice Mtetwa
Zimbabwean Human Rights Attorney

The Allen Prize is given annually to individuals who, by asserting moral principle, have positively affected public discourse at the risk of their careers, livelihoods, and sometimes lives.

This event is part of a series of events hosted by the Ivan Allen College from November 11 - 13 to commemorate Beatrice Mtetwa with the Allen Prize and extend its support in her fight against injustice.  Please follow the link below to see the complete roster of events and to view the trailer for a secretly filmed documentary that brings to the world, the story and courage of Beatrice Mtetwa and those suffering in Zimbabwe. 


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