Academic Success Resources: Getting Help “Early and Often”

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Students often stop by the Center for Academic Success and ask us questions like, “How can I pass this class?” or “What can I do to get an ‘A’?” The best piece of advice we give is to tell them to practice good academic habits and use the resources that are available to them when they need assistance. Examples of good academic habits include completing all assigned readings and assignments; attending class and being engaged in the lecture; managing time effectively; and scheduling an appropriate amount of study hours. In addition to their professor’s or teaching assistant’s (TA) office hours, resources such as tutoring, Peer-Led Undergraduate Study (PLUS) sessions, Physics Undergraduate Study Hours (PUSH), Academic Success Workshops, and Academic Coaching are available to support your students.

We often hear that Tech students put off seeking academic assistance, thinking, “I can figure this out on my own,” or, “if this gets harder, I’ll get some help.” Suddenly, it’s late in the semester, and catching up before final exams can seem daunting. Our Center encourages your students to take advantage of the many free academic support resources early and often. A few of these include: 


  • The Center for Academic Success provides 1-to-1 Tutoring in approximately 70 different courses, mostly at the 1000- and 2000-level, but some 3000-level courses are covered. 1-to-1 Tutoring is appointment-based, and students may schedule up to two tutoring appointments per week at or by stopping by the Tutoring Center helpdesk between 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. on weekdays.  
  • There is “drop-in” tutoring—also known as Commons Tutoring because it is offered in Clough Commons—for introductory calculus courses; physics I and II; chemistry including freshman, general, and organic chemistry; and Computer Science (CS) 1371. Students do not need appointments to stop by and meet with teaching assistants (TAs) who work with these courses. The schedule for Commons Tutoring is available at
  • Physics Undergraduate Study Hours (PUSH) offers evening drop-in tutoring for Physics I & II with undergraduate peer tutors. The fall semester hours are available at
  • The Learning Assistance Program (LAP), managed through the Department of Housing, offers free drop-in tutoring for most introductory chemistry, computer science, physics and math courses. Students can visit one of the Learning Centers located in the Freshman Experience Residence Halls from 8 p.m. -11 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday. Visit for more information.
  • OMED (Office of Minority Educational Development) offers free tutoring and academic support programs for all students. OMED is located in the Chapin Building (681 Cherry Street). Please visit its website for a description and schedule of their current tutoring and academic support program offerings.
  • With the generous support of Shell Oil Company, the Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering is able to offer the Shell Tutoring Program in certain 2000-, 3000-, and 4000-level Mechanical Engineering as well as other engineering classes. A full schedule of their hours and available courses is located at
  • The Communication Center, located on the fourth floor of Clough Commons pairs students with writing and communication faculty who coach students on any type of writing assignments or projects and presentations. See for more information.

Academic Coaching

Students who want to work on academic strategies such as time management, note-taking, setting and achieving goals, organizational skills, motivation, or test preparation are invited to meet with an academic coach in the Center for Academic Success. Academic coaches meet with students on an individual basis to help students develop their own academic success plan. Students can learn more about academic coaching or schedule an appointment by visiting the Center for Academic Success in the Clough Commons or the website at

Academic Success Workshops

Each semester, the Center for Academic Success offers a series of workshops on various topics related to academic success, including note-taking, preparing for exams, effective reading skills, and time management. Workshops last 50 minutes and are designed to provide students with resources and hands-on activities. The semester schedule is available at

Having options can sometimes feel confusing or overwhelming to students who may not know where to start or what academic support resources are the best fit for their needs. Students are welcome to either email ( or come by the Center for Academic Success (located in Clough Commons, Suite 283) to discuss their concerns or to talk with a staff member. Tech is challenging, but help is available! Encourage your student not to be afraid to reach out and visit the programs or services that can best meet their needs.


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