2014 Magnetic Resonance Workshop

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Spectroscopy (NMR) provide a toolbox for the study of structures and their properties ranging from the molecular level to meter-sized objects. While best known for its applications in medicine (MRI) or as an analytical technique in chemistry (NMR), Magnetic Resonance has been used in many disciplines.

The workshop is designed to provide an overview of applications of Magnetic Resonance in Science and Engineering. We will explain the experimental capabilities available at Georgia Tech and how to get started with specific experiments.

This is the opportunity to learn about Magnetic Resonance and ask questions! Participants from Academia and Industry are equally welcome.

Preliminary Agenda

  • 9-11am Demonstration of the MRI scanner¬†
  • 11am-4pm Symposium, featuring applications of NMR and MRI

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