MARTA needs a mascot, says MCRP student Cary Bearn

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Cary Bearn, a current MCRP graduate student, believes that MARTA could benefit greatly from adopting a mascot. “MARTA has the opportunity to further enthuse the Atlanta region by crowdsourcing this silliness.  Getting folks involved in designing a mascot and simultaneously gets people involved in MARTA,” she writes. She compares MARTA’s continued clash of supporters and naysayers to conflicting feelings different groups have for major sports teams, and notes that a MARTA mascot could serve as the basis for a graphic campaign that would garner support for the Atlanta transit system. “We all know MARTA needs its fans,” Bearn writes. “It is high time that the mascot extend beyond the world of schools and sports and into the realm of transit. Transit has long needed a mascot and MARTA, given the frustration so many users and non-users feel with the service, is the perfect institution to usher in such a being.  Bring on the silliness.”

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