Tech Police Host Annual Safety Day

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The Georgia Tech Police Department will pull out all the stops on Tech Walk Wednesday, Sept. 3, as it hosts Campus Safety Day.

This annual event lets GTPD officers talk with students about personal safety and campus issues, and lets students, faculty, and staff meet officers and test out some of their tools of the trade.

“We want to remind everyone to keep their personal safety top of mind and to take an active role in keeping our campus safe,” said Interim Chief Rob Connolly.

Tech police will show off items they use to keep the campus safe including their K-9 unit, SkyCop mobile surveillance trailer and mobile field force equipment. Staff from the Counseling Center, Women’s Resource Center, Health Promotion, and Office of Information Technology will also be on Tech Walk with information, a DUI simulator, and free goodies.

Off-campus guests from the Atlanta Police Department, Atlanta Fire Rescue, and Atlanta Ambassadors will bring mounted patrols, Segways, and other materials. The Ramblin’ Wreck will also be out to show its support.

GTPD continues to encourage all of campus to be vigilant in reporting suspicious behavior or activity they see around campus, with the motto of “See Something, Say Something.”

Police also encourage those with cars on campus to practice the “clean car” rule of clearing out anything from view when they leave their vehicles. Those who are on campus in the early morning or evening hours can take the extra step of using the Jacket Guardian app to provide information to police, friends, or family in the event of an incident. Information on how to download and use the free app is available at

Over the past year, GTPD has enhanced its dispatch room to create an advanced operations center that is used to take calls and visually patrol campus with the help of more than 1,000 cameras. These have given officers an extra set of eyes in some places, as well as helped them solve cases by corroborating or disputing incident reports.

Georgia Tech Police can always be reached at 404-894-2500.




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