Proteomics Seminar

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Jeremiah D. Tipton, Ph.D. (AB SCIEX, MDS - Advanced Workflows)

Advances in LC/MS Workflows for Quantitative Proteomics

Advanced quantitative workflows with liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC/MS) may be applied to solve a variety of biological problems (pathway analysis, cancer, disease, any organism’s proteome, etc.).  The ability to accurately quantify thousands of proteins in a single analysis surpasses the throughput and accuracy of other quantitative methods - providing greater confidence in protein pathway results [i.e., quantify changes in protein populations across different samples]. Specifically, SWATHTM technology in combination with the 5600+ TripleTOF has resulted in an increased number of publications on protein pathway analysis. This powerful technique provides quantification of thousands of proteins with simple acquisition and analysis methods.  Manuscripts that have been published the last year include several biological systems and PTM signaling pathway results.  Presented will be (1) an overview of recent scientific results from the literature and (2) “Next Gen Proteomics” with the 6600 TripleTOF platform.     


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