Ph.D. Proposal by Nathan Evans

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MSE PhD Proposal - Nathan Evans

Wednesday, August 27
2:30 p.m.
MRDC Room 3515, Hightower Conference Room

Ken Gall (advisor), MSE
Meisha Shofner, MSE
Satish Kumar, MSE
David McDowell, ME/MSE
Robert Guldberg, ME/IBB

Title: Processing-Structure-Property Relationships of Surface Porous Polymers for Load-Bearing Orthopeadic Applications

The objective of this research is the development and characterization of a novel hybrid solid-porous polyether-ether-ketone (PEEK) implant for load-bearing orthopedic applications. PEEK is currently used in many orthopedic applications such as interbody fusion devices and soft tissue anchors. However, due in part to its inert and low energy surface, PEEK has been associated with suboptimal osseointegration that could lead to clinical failure and increase the risk of revision. The introduction of porosity is a method shown to increase the osseointegration of implants by stimulating osteogenesis and creating a mechanical interlock at the bone-implant face but can severely decrease the mechanical integrity of the implant. Limiting porosity to PEEK’s surface, however, could promote osseointegration and maintain bulk mechanical properties. In this study a surface porous PEEK structure is created using a melt extrusion and salt-leaching process. The processing-structure-processing relationships will be explored with a focus on the resulting mechanical properties and load-bearing capacity on the implant material.


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