MS Defense by Justin Brandt

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MSE MS Defense - Justin Brandt

Date: August 20th, 2014

Location: Love 295



Dr. Rosario Gerhardt (MSE, Advisor)

Dr. Robert Speyer (MSE)

Dr. Tom Quantrille (Advanced Composites Materials, LLC)

 Title: Effect of Sample Processing on Percolated Al2O3-SiCw Composites



The ceramic composite system containing Al2O3 and SiCw has seen multiple uses depending on its processing method. Both the thermomechanical properties and the electrical properties have piqued the interest for potential commercial applications. These include cutting tool inserts and microwave heating elements. Composite samples made by extrusion were pressureless sintered and characterized as a function of frequency, bias, sample length, and whisker orientation. Dry pressed percolated specimens containing different amounts of sintering aids were hot pressed and spark plasma sintered. The microstructure and electrical properties were compared.



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