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The fall semester is full of many social activities, ranging from parties and receptions to tailgating in honor of our beloved Yellow Jackets. As such, the Institute would like to remind the campus community about Georgia Tech’s policies on alcohol, as well as the need to obtain proper authorization before hosting an event where alcohol will be served. While there are several policy provisions everyone should know to help ensure responsible and lawful use of alcohol on campus, the following highlights the top four:
  1. The legal drinking age in Georgia is 21. Georgia Tech will comply with all federal, state, and local laws and policies, including the policies of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, related to the abuse of alcohol and other drugs by students. Those who fail to comply will be subject to disciplinary actions and penalties in accordance with the Georgia Tech Student Code of Conduct.
  2. Alcohol is permitted on campus only in the following situations:
    • Georgia Tech events that have received prior approval from the Office of the President or its designee. Event organizers must submit an Alcohol Prior Certification Request Form (formerly known as the Alcohol Prior Approval Form) in advance of the event to obtain approval to serve alcohol. If students are invited to a campus event where alcohol is served, additional approval from the vice president of Student Life and dean of students, and the executive vice president for Administration and Finance is required.
    • Events and activities that are promoted, sponsored, or supervised by a chartered Georgia Tech organization, providing the organization follows the Student Policy on Alcohol and Illegal Drugs. Organizations hosting such events must complete an acknowledgement of this policy, as well as submit the approved Alcohol Event Planning Form.
    • Tailgate parties. For Georgia Tech sporting events and certain other campus events as announced by the Office of the President, tailgate parties are permitted without prior authorization; however, hosts and participants will be expected to abide by the procedures outlined in the Campus Alcohol Policy, which promotes responsible conduct.
    • Campus residences of those of legal drinking age. Such situations are subject to Residence Hall Community Policies. (See page 19.)
  3. Unless otherwise stated by law, each individual retains responsibility for his or her own actions at all times regardless of his or her mental or physical state, even if altered by alcohol or other drugs.
  4. In addition to the Institute’s policies on alcohol, the Good Samaritan Provision was developed to support the health and safety of members of the Tech community in the event of excessive alcohol consumption. It is designed to allow students needing medical attention due to excessive alcohol consumption to receive that assistance without fear of disciplinary action.
There are many additional details pertaining to the allowable use of alcohol on Tech’s campus. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to read and understand these policies in their entirety to ensure safe and responsible conduct.


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