Special Faculty Meeting

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ABET Visit

At this meeting Associate Dean Larry Jacobs and Associate Chair Chen Zhou will be leading us in preparations for our upcoming ABET accreditation visit scheduled for September 21 – 23.

During the meeting you will get a good overview of what will be happening during the visit.  A key thing you will  learn is, among other things, the questions – and answers to the questions – that our ABET program evaluator will be asking individual faculty members on September 22. 

You will also learn where we think our BSIE program compliance is strong, and what parts are a worry.  Most of all, you will get up to speed on what you will be doing during the ABET visit, and how to do it well – a key role in our success.

Our special thanks go out to Chen Zhou for his leadership of our BSIE ABET preparations, and to members of his self-study preparation team, including Dima Nazzal and Brandy Blake.    We also appreciate the leadership and help  provided by Larry Jacobs and Terri Lee in the Dean’s office, and the collaborations from ABET leaders in other CoE units.




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