Free Webinar: Lean Warehousing Concepts and Principles

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Offered by LeanCor Supply Chain Group and co-hosted by the Georgia Tech Supply Chain & Logistics Institute (GTSCL).

This free, one-hour webinar will introduce attendees to using proven principles of lean management to cut waste and improve warehouse efficiencies. Based on the Lean Warehousing professional education course offered through the Georgia Tech Supply Chain and Logistics Institute, Brad Bossence will discuss:

  • The key elements of lean thinking that should be used in the warehouse
  • How to utilize lean tools to reduce waste in the warehouse
  • How to operate a warehouse based on visual management and real time problem solving
  • How to create collaboration between warehousing and other functional areas

After attending this webinar, first-time attendees receive a promo code for a discount towards the "Lean Warehousing" course being taught on the Georgia Tech campus September 23 - 25, 2014!


About the Presenter: Brad Bossence, Regional Vice President at LeanCor Supply Chain Group

Brad has over 15 years of third party logistics experience with a specific focus in Japanese production system environments such as Toyota USA, Toyota Canada, Toyota Europe, Kubota, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Subaru. His previous roles include General Manager of Logistics and Operations at Transfreight as well as various contract and operations management positions across the globe.

As Regional Vice President, Brad’s responsibilities have included the vision, leadership and momentum necessary for LeanCor to develop and significantly grow its global customer base.  In addition, he has led on a variety of extensive customer projects.  Brad is also a Senior Instructor at Georgia Tech Supply Chain and Logistics Institute.   LeanCor is committed to continuous improvement and fully recognizes performance is measured by real results. As an operator and thought leader, LeanCor relentlessly tries to optimize those processes that add value and eliminate those that are waste.


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